St John's Upper Holloway C.E Primary School

Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you'. - John 15:12

Welcome to Year 5!

Thank you all for your hard work so far this term and throughout the Home Learning period. Below, you can find information about this term in Year 5, useful links for supplementing learning, and the links you need for our weekly homework. Please find me if you have any questions, queries, or just want to chat!


Covid Information

In order to keep evryone as safe as possible, adults coming inside of the school grounds must be wearing a mask - this applies to picking up at the end of the day. We will have a soft start where by the back gate will be opened at 8:45am, giving everyone a chance to settle in and start the day in a great way!

Please make sure you have a waterbottle that is named and is brought in every day for keeping ourselves hydrated. Everyone will have a reading book in school and a different book or books that they are reading and writing about at home. If you would like to return a book from home, this should only be done on a Monday, and must be put in our 'Returned Books' box at the front of our classroom. Finally, on Tuesday, everyone should wear their PE kit to and from school (please make sure the PE kit is appropriate for all weather types, just in case it turns unexpectedly!)


This Term’s Topics

Viking Raids

Big Question: How did the Vikings conquer England?

In the unit, we will revisit who ruled Britain at the end of the Anglo-Saxon age. We will use points on a compass to describe the Vikings' journey from Scandinavia. We will investigate how their invasions changed because of trade and look at how they merged with the people already living there. We will use artefacts and various sources to explore the impact of Vikings on Britain and how life changed because of them. 


Properties and Change of Materials

Big Question: What causes things to change state, and can they always reverse back?

In this unit, we will explore some common materials in more detail and consider how their properties make them suitable for certain tasks. We will also learn about materials that dissolve, what affects how quickly they dissolve and how they can be recovered. Finally, we will investigate to find out that some changes of state are reversible but others aren’t.



As always, homework will be set on Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday. Homework will be 'given out' via Seesaw so you must check there every Friday to see your list of tasks for the week.

Each week you will need to do three things for homework:

1. Read every day (Reading Records should be brought in for checking only on Monday)

2. Complete any extras that I have set on Doodle Maths, Tables, English and Spell

3. Keep yourself in the green zone on all of our Doodle apps


Useful Links for Learning



Doodle Maths:

Doodle Tables:

Doodle English:

Doodle Spell:

Other Learning, Practice and Games

Purple Mash:

Times Tables Rock Stars: 

BBC Bitesize Primary:

Hit The Button:

Spelling Frame:

Science Museum Games: