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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Class page. I am thrilled to have all the children back. This year we will be focusing on making sure children feel safe, happy and re-connected to our school community. There will be lots of interesting and exciting learning as we explore the curriculum and hopefully we will have some opportunities to share our fabulous work with you. As we will not be going on any trips at the moment I will be planning in some creative and fun experiences to enhance learning.

There are a few changes to our routine this year: Year 4 now enter and exit via the St John’s Grove gate (please wear a mask if you are coming in to pick your child up) and can come into class from 8:45am. If you can, please send in a labelled water bottle for your child and on Wednesdays they can come in to school wearing their PE kit.

All home support is hugely appreciated and has a positive impact on children’s learning. You can support your child by making sure they read every day and record a comment in their Reading Records and making sure their homework is done (most of this will be online this year, using Seesaw and Doodle Maths & English). There is a list of useful websites to support learning below.

If you have any questions, please contact me via phone or make an appointment to come in and meet with me.


Summer Term 

Click here for the Summer Curriculum Letter

Humanities Topic: The Anglo-Saxons

Our Big Question: How did the Saxons settle in Britain? 

Our learning about the Anglo Saxons follows on from our Romans in Britain topic. In this unit we will explore who the Anglo-Saxons were and where they came from, using a range of sources and artefacts to think about what kind of people they might have been.

We will investigate why the Anglo-Saxons invaded and where they settled, and explore what the ‘mystery of the empty grave’ tells us about Saxon Britain. Our topic will also cover the Saxon way of life, who they were ruled by and how they worshipped.

You can support your child's learning using some of the websites below to research the topic- the English Heritage site has lots of fun Anglo-Saxon activities and crafts - and by talking about the Anglo-Saxons with your child. 

Look out for information about our Anglo-Saxon day!

Websites to support learning


On Roman day Year 4 had the opportunity to dress up and explore aspects of life during Roman times including: baking honey biscuits, tasting different foods, making Roman coins and making mini-mosaics. Favourites were baking and food tasting (especially the 'dormice').



Summer 1 Science Topic : Living Things and Their Habitats

Our Big Question: How do we classify living things and how do they fit into their habitats. 

We are continuing this  topic for the first half term with an exploration of different habitats. Year 4 will explore man-made and natural changes to environments and the impact this has on all the living things within them.

Websites to support learning

Summer 2 Science Topic : States of Matter

Our Big Question: What would happen if things couldn't change state? 

In this topic we will learn to identify solids, liquids and gases and the properties of each. We will also observe how materials can change state and investigate this in different ways. We will also find out about the water cycle.

You can support your child's learning with some of the website below and by thinking about how matter changes when you are doing things at home e.g. boiling the kettle or running a hot bath (liquid to gas) or making ice cubes or lollies (liquid to solid). You could explore questions around melting with your child e.g. Can all materials that are melted go back to their original state?. 

Websites to support learning


The Digestive System

As part of our science topic on the digestive system, we explored how our body breaks down food throughout our digestive system. It was quite messy but great fun.


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Spanish Day

Highlights of our Spanish Day included: using lots of Spanish words and phrases, dressing up, learning a Spanish song about hobbies and having a taste of some delicious food. Year 4 particularly enjoyed learning about Flamenco dancing and then getting a chance to learn a Flamenco song and dance. Great fun!



World Book Day

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic World Book Day! Everybody dressed up as their favourite characters and had an enthusiastic and fun day of book-related activities. These included: close examination of an illustration, reading, listening to a story, a Philosophy for Children Enquiry based on the book How to Live Forever and using a setting description as an inspiration for a painting. 


Advent Prayer Day

Year 4 enjoyed taking part in different activities helping us to reflect on the meaning of the Christmas story. Knowing that all Islington Deanery schools were having the same prayer day at the same time, made us feel part of something special and part of our community. 



Links to support learning

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