St John's Upper Holloway C.E Primary School

Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you'. - John 15:12

Our Year 1 class have recently begun the Daily Mile programme in which every child runs for 15 minutes every day. Miss Smith, the class teacher, says it has been a huge success and we are looking to roll it out to other classes this term. Here is what Miss Smith and the children say about the Daily Mile.

In year 1 we have really enjoyed incorporating the Daily Mile ‚Äčinto our class routine - it is a much looked forward to part of the day. It's so lovely to begin each day in such a positive, healthy way.


The children come back from the 15 minute run with cheerful, vibrant faces and their sparkly eyes ready to learn. The children have become more aware of sensations in their bodies, such as a 'red hot face', a 'big heartbeat' and 'tired legs'. They have also reported feeling happy and proud of themselves after the runs and they are enthused and full of energy. An improvement in the children's resilience is also evident - now when they trip over they get straight back up and keep running, whereas before they were upset and wanted to stop running. They are becoming fitter, take less walking breaks and are keen to beat their record for how many laps of the playground they can do.


The Daily Mile is helping us to foster a cooperative and supportive social environment - students have naturally started encouraging one another to persevere. After our new routine had settled (it took about week) I noticed the children working in class in a more focused manner. Every child in the class is enthusiastic about running in the morning, they all come to school excited to take the register and get going.


Here is what some of the children have said about The Daily Mile:

"The Daily Mile makes me feel happy because it's hard but I still do it"

"The Daily Mile makes me feel proud of myself and strong and I feel like wow to myself"

"The Daily Mile makes me feel fit and fast"

"I love running when I get to school in the morning because it makes me feel healthy"


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