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Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you'. - John 15:12

Welcome to the Year 2 webpage

We are very happy to have all the children back in school and to be working with you all again this term. This is where you will find all the information you will need to know about Year 2 this term.

Here are a few points to get started: 

Punctuality:  It is really important to be at school on time every day. 5 minutes late each day is the same as missing 3 whole days of learning over the year. We have a soft start to the beginning of the day. The classroom door will open at 8.45am, giving everyone the chance to settle in a calm and supportive way. 

Homework: Most of our homework will be set online using Seesaw, Doodle Maths and Doodle Spell. The children should be 'working in the green zone' on the Doodle Apps. Homework will be set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday. Please log into Seesaw on a Friday to see the homework 'overview' and complete any tasks set. 


Reading: It is very important for children to read every day. Reading books will be changed and reading journal checked daily. Please read each day and record a comment in your yellow reading journal using the prompts at the front. I will be looking at these and using them to communicate with you. You may not finish your book each day, especialy as we are beginning to read longer books, howver please continue to record in the yellow book daily. 

PE: Our PE day is Tuesday. Children should come to school dressed in their PE kit which includes a Navy blue PE shirt and blue shorts or jogging bottoms. 

Covid: There have been a few changes to our routines this year. Please enter the school through the side gate and into the playground to reach Year 2. It is important that pupils do not play and mix with children in other year groups in the playground but go straight into class. 

*Children should not come to school if they have any symptoms of covid (dry, persistent cough, high temperature, lack of sense of taste) and must be taken for a covid test. If the test is positive, they need to inform the school and self-isolate for 10 days from when the symptoms started and other members in the household also self-isolate for 14 days. Children should not return until all symptoms have gone.
* School will continue to have a programme of hygiene and cleaning for all pupils and staff including regular hand washing and increased cleaning of school premises and resources. We will be asking children to wash their hands regularly throughout the school day. 
Please send in a named re-usable water bottle with your child.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or you would like to talk about something.
Ms Ross Goobey 

Summer Term 

VAMAG: #Madagascar:A Land of Endless Natural Beauty and Rich Cultural  Diversity












Humanities- Madagascar

Big Quetion- Why are habitats important to animals?
Big Question- How does a little seed or bulb become a big plant?

Our humanities topic this term focuses on comparing the UK with Madagascar. We will look at the similarities and differences of these two countries and will use and make lots of maps using symbols. 


2.3 Habitats - Teleskola

Science- Habitats

Big Quetion- Are the UK and Madagascar similar?

In Science this term we will have two units. We will start with habitats and learn about the different types of habitats that various animals live in. We will then start our plants unit and will learn all about how different seeds and bulbs grow and what helps them to grow best. 


You can see more details about our curriculum for the summer term by clicking on our parent curriculum letter here. 

Spring Term 

World Book Day - We had a lovely day reading in lots of different places, making puppets, creating our own little books and sharing our favourite stories. 

As part of our RE unit we have been looking at the symbols of Easter and investigated the question 'What do the symbols of bread and wine teach us about the meaning of Easter for Christians?' We made bread to share, and talk about how people still share bread and wine today to remember Jesus’ death and to have a relationship with God.

Autumn Term's Topics 

Humanities- Why do we remember the 5th November. 

In this unit we will spend some time learning the story of the Gunpowder Plot, acting out and retelling this historical event. We will consider the influences that lead to the planning of the plot and consider if it is appropraite to celebrate on the 5th November each year. We will use this topic to learn the countries of the UK and it's capital cities and will compare maps of London from now and in the past. 

Science- What do we need to survive and grow into healthy adults


Through this unit we will investigate what animals need to survive, including what babies need and want. We will identify the stages of different life cycles and growth of animals including humans and butterflies. We will then explore the importance of exercise and hygiene through investigations and finally we will learning about a healthy diet and the Eatwell plate. We will use this knowledge in our DT unit to make a healthy (but delicious) smoothie.
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Learning to read (also available in an app)

Click here to find the 'common exception words' which year 2 children need to be able to read and spell.