St John's Upper Holloway C.E Primary School

Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you'. - John 15:12

At St John’s Primary School, we aim to provide our pupils with opportunities to develop their computing and IT capability as well as ensuring they gain confidence and enjoyment working across all areas of the curriculum.  An integral part of our teaching and learning is developing our pupils’ awareness of the potential dangers as well as the positive aspects of using computers and other mobile devices in every day contexts.  Online safety, as part of our computer curriculum, aims to equip pupils to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly, and learn where to seek help, or report concerns they may have when using the internet.

Internet Safety Policy | PDF


Online safety for parents

As well as incorporating e-safety into the curriculum, we aim to have an e-safety workshop for parents each year to provide guidance on the various ways they can help their children to remain safe online. In addition, there are also some excellent sites to explore e-safety at home with your children. Use the links below to look at some of them.  




Safer Internet Centre

Internet Matters



Online Safety for Pupils:

Digiduck's Big Decision

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