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Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you'. - John 15:12

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Welcome to the new section of our Year 6 page. This is where I will be posting the weekly home learning timetable / tasks as well as any other information you might find useful or important. Don't forget the list of websites at the bottom of this page which are all valuable learning resources during these unusual times. 

Remember - there is no need to get too stressed about the learning. It gives the children some sort of daily structure and routine but there are lots of other practical learning activities you could do at home e.g. cooking / baking, playing board games, exercising, researching a topic of interest making jigsaw puzzles, reading stories / books together, art activities and diary writing. 

Please email me with any queries yoiu may have - I am here to help and support as much as possible. 

Summer Term 

Home Learning Timetables

Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful photos for the leavers assembly video, I can't wait for you to see it. 

We're looking forward to welcoming some more children back this week. 

This week you'll be writing your information text on Monsters and exploring fractions, decimals and percentages in maths. You have your other subjects as well. 

It's your second to last week in year 6 so work hard and enjoy it!


Have a lovely week. 

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If you are getting through your school work quickly and want to do something else. You could choose to work on a project (you don't have to do this). This is something you could work on when you feel like it and take your time with. 

Choose a topic - something you're interested in or something you might want to learn more about. It could be related to something we're learning in school e.g. The Human Body, or it could be anything else you choose (some ideas: African animals; Rainforest animals; Space; favourite author(s); favourite country). Once you have a topic, you can spend time finding out all sorts of interesting things about it and putting it together as creatively as you like. 

Have a look at the 'Take a Topic' page (thanks to Hackney Learning Trust) at the link below for loads of fun ideas on how you could present your project. 

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Welcome to Year 6

There is so much to look forward to this year, including: being stretched and challenged, an exciting curriculum, trips, school journey and an end of year production. Your last year at St John's is going to be brilliant!

Remember: it's really important to be at school every day on time and ready to learn.

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Note to parents: Although children write SATS test later in the year, we try our best to prepare them through our normal curriculum. It is important that children complete their homework and read every day. Reading should be enjoyable and it would be great if you could visit the library with them so that they have a wide choice of books. 

Spring Term

This will be a busy term for Year 6 and we appreciate your support on our learning journey. Throughout Spring term we will be studying a Humanities (World War 2) and a Science topic (Inheritance and Evolution), details below. Children will be given a small topic-related project at half term.

World War 2

Key Question: What was it like to live through World War 2?

We will build on our previous (Year 4) learning about World war 2 and explore the Battle of Britain in more detail - understanding why it was a significant turning point in British history. We'll become familiar with the location of the countries involved in the beginning of the war and why this was important. We'll also look at some of the key moments of the war, using different sources. In a sensitive and age-appropriate manner we will learn about Anne Frank and the Holocaust and look more closely at the roles of different groups in the war e.g. women and the French Resistance. It would be great if you could support your child by researching aspects of World War 2 online, visiting the library or the Imperial War Museum or talking to any friends or relatives who may have lived through the war.  

Websites to support this topic:


Evolution & Inheritance

Key Question: Why are living things so diverse?

Through this fascinating topic we will explore how and why living things have changed over time and how we know about this. We will find out how different living things have adapted and survived, and why we don't look exactly like our parents. Linking to Literacy, we'll find out about some of the scientists who made many of these discoveries. Children find this topic really interesting and it's a good opportunity to look at family photos and discuss different characteristics and whether or not your child has inherited them. Visits to the library or online research will enhance in-school learning.  

Websites to support this topic:

Royal Airforce Museum

Our visit to the RAF Museum supplemented our learning about the Battle of Britain - particularly some of the people involved. Year 6 enjoyed exploring the museum and looking at the aeroplanes and our workshop in which they learned about some of the individuals involved in the battle. They worked in groups to present their information to the rest of the class - do ask your child about what they learned.


Science Week 2020

For year 6, Science Week this year has been jam-packed with activities and visitors. We started the week with a 'Mad Science' assembly and a 'Fantastic Flyers' workshop. Lots of fun and learning was had by all. On Wednesday we had a speaker who specialises in Heredity. Year 6 deepened their knowledge of genes, inherited traits, how diseases can be passed down and made a family tree. Other other visitors included a mathematician who works with AI to help problem gamblers and an anthropologist who talked about fossils and skulls. Our Battle of the Beaks investigation was super fun, but also a fantastic learning experience - helping us to understand adaptations and evolution. We also made 'fossils' (very messy) using clay and plaster of Paris. Our fabulous week ended with magnificent mufti! 


Safer Internet Day

As part of our learning around e-safety, year 6 had a workshop by the Discovery Centre. Children worked in groups to make an internet safety advert for younger children, using 'Clips' on ipads. The standards of the adverts were very impressive!


Science: Inheritance & Evolution

So far in our topic we have explored inheritance, including researching and holding a class debate about selective breeding - ask your child for more information! We spent some time exploring plants in the wild and looking for adaptations. Watch this space for more!


World War 2

We started off our topic during an air raid and had to squeeze into an 'Anderson Shelter' until the all clear. As part of our learning we have made WW2 style memory boxes and Battle of Britain medals.



Ancient Greeks

As part of our learning about Ancient Greece, Year 6 acted out the Battle of Marathon in which the Greeks won an amazing victory over the Persians - against all odds! Ask your child for more details.


Year 6 Musicians

We were very proud to watch some of our classmates show off what they've been learning in their music lessons.


British Museum

Year 6 enjoyed their visit to the British Museum where they participated in a workshop about the identity of Athenian citizens and how their democracy worked. They particularly enjoyed dressing up and disussing some issues. We also used an interactive tool to explore the Parthenon Gallery. A great introduction to our topic.


Vision Day

Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you' John 15:12

During our recent 'Vision Day' children had an opportunity to explore and reflect on our school vision and think about how to put it into action every day.


Super Scientists!

During our recent Science topic on 'Light' we explored our big question: Does light go around corners? through a series of challenges which we needed to complete in order to eliminate a list of suspects to solve a crime. Lots of fun, exploring and learning took place.


Modern Survivor - Hampstead Heath

Survival skills are useful for all of us and in Literacy we're going to be reading about people who survived in extreme circumstances. During our workshop on Hampstead Heath we learned about some edible plants, how to make a fire (so much fun) and how to work together to build a lean-to shelter.


Websites to Support Learning: 



Applying for secondary school

We will have a meeting for parents on Thursday 12th September at 3:30pm to explain the process of applying for a secondary school. The main document with information about each Islington secondary school as well as guidance on how to apply is attached- just click to open.

Secondary transfer brochure