St John's Upper Holloway C.E Primary School

Jesus said: 'Love each other as I have loved you'. - John 15:12

Latest Events

St John’s is a vibrant and busy school. Keep up to date with some of our most recent news and events below.

  • Year 3 learn about the life of bees

    Date Posted: Monday 04 10 2021

    Year 3 had a wonderful time with the bee-keepers at Holland Park.

  • Year 6 heart surgery!

    Date Posted: Thursday 24 06 2021

    Year 6 invited two doctors from Whittington Hospital to their class to explain about the structure and function of the heart. 

  • The farm visits St John's

    Date Posted: Thursday 24 06 2021

    Our children from Early Years and Key Stage 1 had a great day meeting all sorts of farm animals. 

  • Spanish Day Celebrations

    Date Posted: Thursday 20 05 2021

    The children had a wonderful Spanish Day including an opportunity to learn flamenco!

  • It's World Book Day!

    Date Posted: Friday 12 03 2021

    It's been fantastic to find out which characters have inspired our children's costumes as part of World Book Day. 

  • Making a start on the wildlife garden

    Date Posted: Wednesday 10 03 2021

    Three of the garden design winners helped to fill the pond with nature friendly plants and met quite a few frogs.

  • School Council plan our film

    Date Posted: Thursday 10 12 2020

    Our councillors helped plan a 'virtual school tour'. Click here to watch it.

  • Spellathon Success

    Date Posted: Thursday 10 12 2020

    Our children worked incredibly hard to learn all their spellings and raised over £2,000 for World Vision.

  • Tackling bullying ahead of anti bullying week

    Date Posted: Monday 16 11 2020

    Heather Vacciana from Islington Education team visited our Year 5 and 6 classes to talk about anti bullying. 

  • From garden to plate

    Date Posted: Thursday 12 11 2020

    Year 2 children used some of the spinach and salad from the garden to go on their delicious pizzas. 

  • 'Here we are on planet Earth'

    Date Posted: Tuesday 27 10 2020

    We all loved the book by Oliver Jeffers and realised we are all unique and special.

  • Year 6 come 3rd in national spelling competition

    Date Posted: Thursday 22 10 2020

    We are incredibly proud of the success of all our Year 6 children who took part in a national spelling competition . 

  • Remember to wear your masks!

    Date Posted: Tuesday 20 10 2020

    Our Year 2 children put their IT skills to good use when designing posters to place around the school. 

  • From caterpillar to butterfly!

    Date Posted: Thursday 15 10 2020

    As part of their 'living things' topic, Year 2 have been observing caterpillars as they create a cocoon...

  • Year 4 recreate their digestive system

    Date Posted: Thursday 15 10 2020

    Our Year 4 children made their own digestive systems and explored how food is processed as it travels through the body. 

  • Year 1's unbeatable attendance!

    Date Posted: Wednesday 14 10 2020

    Year 1 have made a fantastic start to the term with 100% attendance for two weeks running. 

  • Harvest in the school garden

    Date Posted: Saturday 12 09 2020

    The children came back to discover our vegetables had grown a lot over the summer holidays!

  • Up up and away!

    Date Posted: Tuesday 25 08 2020

    How many balloons are needed to send a child to space?

  • Wonderful donation from Waitrose and Co-op

    Date Posted: Friday 03 04 2020

    Our supermarkets have been incredibly generous, bringing in free fruit, vegetables and groceries for our families in school as well as the local community. A huge thank you from everyone at St John's.

  • Coronavirus update

    Date Posted: Friday 13 03 2020

    We are sending a letter home to parents regarding what we are doing about Coronavirus. You can also see the letter on the school newsletters page of our website.

  • Enjoying World Book Day in style

    Date Posted: Friday 06 03 2020

    Our children dressed in style to celebrate World Book Day. Also well as choosing their favourite book character, they were able to choose which story they would like to hear from the adults in school and also enjoyed a big 'book swap' at the end of the day.

  • Enjoying a whizz, bang pop science week!

    Date Posted: Tuesday 25 02 2020

    It was all things science from 10-14th February. As well as a visit from Mad Science, we had scientists coming to talk about their jobs, Spaghetti Family Challenge event and science mufti.

  • Rev Andy Chrich comes to talk about CARIS

    Date Posted: Thursday 30 01 2020

    He used the assembly to help children understand what can lead to homelessness and how the night shelters help.

  • School council think about clubs!

    Date Posted: Wednesday 29 01 2020

    Our wonderful school councillors recently consulted their classes on which clubs they would like. See the school council page for what was most popular or click here.

  • Ex- student comes to talk with Y3

    Date Posted: Thursday 23 01 2020

    Rama, who left St John's in 2012, is now studying medicine at UCL and came to talk with our Year 3 children about asthma.

  • Hardy Year 5 try a sleep-out

    Date Posted: Wednesday 11 12 2019

    Some brave Year 5s experienced a little of what it's like to be homeless, making their own shelter and facing a rain shower. They thought about what can lead to homelessness. Toasted marshmallows helped warm them up before heading home.

  • Nativity is here

    Date Posted: Tuesday 10 12 2019

    It's the time of year when we celebrate the approach of Christmas with our Infant Nativity. This year, our production of 'Everyone Loves a Baby' was a huge success and the children were amazing!

  • Our choir raise £100 for CARIS

    Date Posted: Friday 06 12 2019

    Our children sang a medley of carols today and raised a fantastic sum for the local homeless.

  • Visiting The Houses of Parliament

    Date Posted: Monday 11 11 2019

    Some of our school councillors visited The Houses of Parliament recently to look at democracy in action!

  • Our Vision Day for pupils and their parents

    Date Posted: Monday 11 11 2019

    Our first 'School Vision Day' was a huge success and helped children reflect on what it means to 'love each other as I have loved you'. Have a look at some of our picture highlights.

  • Lucy from Macmillan cancer support comes to say thank you for our fundraiser

    Date Posted: Monday 11 11 2019

    We raised over £60 at our recent Macmillan coffee afternoon and realised that we have raised over £1000 since we started supporting them a few years ago.

  • Year 3 - From garden to plate!

    Date Posted: Thursday 26 09 2019

    Year 3 used our home grown beetroot, celery, tomatoes and herbs to make a fantastic feta salad.

  • Magnetic workshop in Year 6

    Date Posted: Monday 16 09 2019

    Year 6's latest science topic was brilliantly brought to life with a Crew Science Workshop

  • Growing and cooking

    Date Posted: Monday 16 09 2019

    Our Year 6 children made a delcious pasta salad with tomatoes, courgettes and onions from the garden.

  • Summer Fair Celebrations

    Date Posted: Tuesday 23 07 2019

    Our summer fair was a chance for the children to show off their creations from 'Art Week' as well as share their 'Family Histories' projects.

  • Year 6 School Journey Adventures

    Date Posted: Tuesday 02 07 2019

    Year 6 are having a fantastic time. Check here for regular updates!

  • Environmental learning goes hi-tech!

    Date Posted: Wednesday 26 06 2019

    Our Year 5 and 6 pupils explored a new app, Ecoed Life, to help them understand our impact on the environment.

  • The Growing season has started.

    Date Posted: Thursday 04 04 2019

    Some of our Year 5 children starting planting tomato seeds with Sebastien ready for harvesting next term.

  • World Book Day comes to life.

    Date Posted: Monday 11 03 2019

    This year, we had more children than ever taking part in the great World Book Day fancy dress event. Read more in our Latest News section.

  • School magazine flies off the shelf!

    Date Posted: Wednesday 23 01 2019

    Our school magazine team have worked incredibly hard to create a fantastic Xmas edition.

  • Queen Elizabeth I presents an award to our school.

    Date Posted: Thursday 21 06 2018

    In Spring term our whole school took part in a project organised by the Tower of London. Our staff and children did such fantastic work that we won the prize for best project!

  • Our Year 1 runners meet the Sunday Telegraph

    Date Posted: Friday 27 04 2018

    Children in Year 1 have recently begun the 'Daily Mile' initiative. Find out more about this on the Daily Mile tab of the learning section of our website. You can also look at the Year 1 class webpage.

  • Making beautiful music

    Date Posted: Wednesday 25 04 2018

    A selection of children who have been learning an instrument with Kathryn James serenaded the school yesterday with some wonderful music.

  • Maths challenge at the Guildhall

    Date Posted: Monday 09 04 2018

    Four of our children were chosen to take part in the maths challenge at the Guildhall. It was a fantastic event to test our maths brains against children from over 60 schools.

  • Nursery get a letter from the Queen!

    Date Posted: Friday 26 01 2018

    Children in nursery class enjoyed the book "The Queens Knickers" so much they sent her a card and were delighted to get a reply.

  • Marvellous Maths Week!

    Date Posted: Friday 01 12 2017

    We recently celebrated maths week across the school using books as a stimulus for maths. It was amazing how much maths we could find once we started looking.... Click here to see a powerpoint of our maths week highlights

  • Prayer Day is back!

    Date Posted: Sunday 25 06 2017

    Following on from the huge sccess of our Christmas Prayer Day, we had our Easter Prayer day on 21st March. The children say they love having the time to think and pray about issues that matter to them as well as sharing their thoughts and ideas with their friends. If parents would like to join us for our Summer term Prayer Day, please come and speak with us.

  • Science week celebrations

    Date Posted: Friday 26 05 2017

    It's been a fantastic week of science across the school with everything from science mufti to skyscraper challenge and fun experiments to mad science shows. Read our blog for more highlights.

  • Safe cycling in the drizzle!

    Date Posted: Monday 15 05 2017

    Our Year 5 class has begun their cycle training, learning the basics before heading out to the roads tomorrow.

  • Decorating Easter eggs

    Date Posted: Thursday 30 03 2017

    Here are some of our winning artists in the "decorate an egg" competition. The competition was fierce so a huge well done to everyone who entered.

  • The chicks are hatching!

    Date Posted: Wednesday 08 03 2017

    Our chicks have all begun to hatch and are gradually drying out and chirping wildly. Feel free to pop into the library to see how they are developing. Nursery also have some chicks so the children can see how they change and grow every day.